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Back in 2016, I was at AWS re:Invent and an engineer ask me if I thought the AWS certifications were worth it. I said no then. Later, I realized that I was totally wrong!

So I started looking into getting AWS certified, and then quickly realized that the AWS exams are no joke. The exams test you on how well you actually know AWS not just how good your memory is on useless factoids like some other industry certifications. Here are my AWS certification notes that help me prepare and keep updated with AWS. Hope it helps others 🎉

AWS Certification Attack Plan

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." -Benjamin Franklin

You should put together your own plan, but here are my steps to getting AWS certified. Hope this helps you get started. 😁

  1. ACloudGuru or Linux Academy videos - Before watching the videos, take all mini-quizzes first. Gauge yourself and list your weaknesses. Then watch all videos.
  2. Read the exam blueprint carefully noting the recommended FAQ and whitepapers.
    1. Read each FAQ - and quiz yourself.
    2. Read each Whitepaper - and quiz yourself.
  3. Practice Exams
    1. Take mini quizzes again and also take the full-length practice exam.
    2. Take sample questions. They've been gathered for convenience.
    3. Repeat process until almost 100% is achieved and you feel like you know the answers well.
    4. Take the AWS official practice exam - costs $20 to $40 depending on the exam.
  4. Take the official AWS exam and hopefully pass 🎉

AWS Certification Exam Guides

FAQ Summaries

  • S3 FAQ Summary

Whitepaper Summaries

  • Security Best Practices Summary

Memorization Items

  • Memorization Items

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