Here's a list of some of my Open Source projects.
Lono CloudFormation Framework

Lono is a CloudFormation framework tool that helps you build your CloudFormation templates and manage the entire CloudFormation stack lifecyle. It helps you craft the templates and takes you all the way to the final infrastructure provisioning step.

UFO - ECS Deployment

Easy way to build and ship docker images to AWS ECS. Ufo is a tool that makes building and shipping Docker containers to AWS ECS super easy. At a basic level, ufo builds the docker container image, registers that image to ECS as a task definition, and then deploys that task definition to ECS by updating the service. Ufo provides a ufo ship command that deploys your code to ECS.

Sonic Screwdriver - Swiss Army Knife

Multi-functional tool to manage AWS infrastructure. Sonic Screwdriver is a multi-functional tool to manage AWS infrastructure. It's a swiss army knife type of tool and has a variety of uses. Mainly it's focus is to automate mundane repetitive tasks into simple one line commands. With it you are able to debug environments and issues quickly.

Jack and the Elastic Beanstalk

Manage your AWS Elastic Beanstalk Jack environments easily. Jack is a tool to manage AWS Elastic Beanstalk environments. Jack is a wrapper tool around the aws eb cli3 tool. Jack allows you to create environments using the saved template configuration file generated by eb config save. Jack moves these generated config file to the jack/cfg folder of your project and manages the config files from there.

Thor Template

A tool that generates a starter Thor CLI project rapidly. Coveredd in this blog post: Build Thor CLI Project in Under a Second.


A Ruby DSL that can be used to declaratively define node.json attributes for chef-solo runs. This allows us to codify the "dna" or "rna" of the server.

A tool to deploy code to a single server from github with one simple command: chap deploy. It is heavily based on Capistrano and solves a specific problem for using the same deploy script and hook for both chef and Capistrano.
Schema Transfomer

Tool used to add columns to large tables without long periods of normally required downtime.


Tool to restart servers in a graceful way without effecting users by removing the instance from the load balancer and warming it up before adding it back in.


Tool to rsync files locally to a docker container in order to avoid slow folder sharing on macosx.

Guard plugins

A few guard plugins: guard-cloudformation, guard-rna, guard-lono