Jack and the Elastic Beanstalk - A Tool For Managing AWS Elastic Beanstalk

As with most AWS services, Elastic Beanstalk is great and simply require some tooling on top of the service to speed up the flow. This post covers the jack tool that be use to quickly create and manage Elastic Beanstalk environments.

Useful Sublime Plugin: Fold Comment

So I found this cool sublime plugin called foldcomments by @oskarols that will toggle and hide comments in the editor so you can focus specifically on the code only. Thank you Oskar Olsson for creating this awesome plug-in!

Getting html-proofer to Work With Canonical Url for Google

There is a great gem called html-proofer by Garen Torikian that will check html files for a bunch of things like: invalid markup, broken images, dead hyperlinks, bad favicons, etc.

How To Use Any Jekyll Plugins on GitHub Pages with CircleCI

Jekyll CircleCI HTML

For this blog, I knew I wanted to be able to customize it and did not want to learn how to customize WordPress themes. The idea of using a static site generator like Jekyll was appealing to me because I would not have to deal with a database. Also since GitHub Pages hosts and automatically builds Jekyll sites, I would not have to deal with hosting. I went about installing Jekyll locally, created a starter blog site and pushed my changes to GitHub. tongueroo.com was up and running quickly!

Virtues of Great Programmers: Dilgence, Patience, Humility


About 9 years ago when I first got into web programming, I read a lot of Perl books and remember reading Larry Wall's Camel book. In it he says that the virtues of a great programmer are: "laziness, impatience, and hubris". I ran into it again in this RTFM? How to write a manual worth reading post by Rikki Endsley. I have heard programmers reference this, or some form of it, over years. You probaby have heard: "A good programmer is a lazy one". I knew that Larry was being facetious, but I thought it is funny some people did not. Larry Wall actually had to post a video to explains that he was joking.

Ready, Set, Start!

Track Starting Line

So I tried a blog a few years ago. Starting it up again.